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About Korona CZ




At the inception of Korona, Prague merchants Abraham and Emanuel Winternitz, rented unused factory workshops in the wooded Jakubodolské údolí near Lochovice and set up a production plant for paper. As mechanical production did not yet exist in the Czech Republic, everything was processed by hand.



The Jakubodolská paper mill changed owners several times at the end of the 19th century. At the turn of the century, it began to focus on the machine production of cardboard and the production of envelopes, and in 1913 it became the largest production of its kind in Austria-Hungary.



After the events of February 1948, the company was nationalized, the production of envelopes was abolished, and the production of gray machine cardboard was introduced.



The Korona brand was registered on international markets



In the 1970s, the entire Lochovice plant went through a stage of development, modernization, and reconstruction. The production of KORONA brand office binders began, which were produced on both domestic and foreign markets – and they still are today.

Korona manufactory
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Korona manufactory in the past
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Eco Grass Pořadač
Zakázková výroba


The marble lever arch file that has become synonymous with the Korona brand over the years is one that is recognizable on the shelves of most offices around the country. For many years, this was Korona’s bread and butter. The marble file, along with the equally well-known polypropylene-covered file can still be found in our catalogue under Korona Classics.

As Korona continues to grow and develop, so too does the company’s mission statement of ecological production. For almost 200 years, the company has taken pride in its ‘as-green-as-possible’ goals, which is just as important to us now as it was 200 years ago.

As of 2021, Korona has rebranded in order to incorporate a 100% recyclable chain of raw materials into the production process, which led to the introduction of the Korona Eco Collection – our Nature, Kraft, and Eco Grass binders, made of 100% recyclable cardboard, with fully recyclable covering material. Korona is also the very first on the market to feature Eco Grass Paper, which is made of dried hay (hence, grass), which is prepared using a patented process according to the requirements of paper mills, and then incorporated into the production cycle as a raw material instead of virgin fibres (wood) or recycled paper. Grass regrows quickly – remarkably quickly as compared to trees, making this option genuinely revolutionary.

The Korona Colours collection features an array of ecoline paper covering material.

Korona Motiv allows for you to print any kind of design of your choice, from crayons and fire trucks to the New York City skyline – you name it.

Korona Custom allows for you to design your own binders with any prints, parameters, or requirements, depending on whether you are looking for branded binders for your office, restaurant menus, catalogues for your company, or home office binders with pictures from your family vacation.


The newest of Korona products, are in the final stages of development, and will be on sale within a matter of weeks. Keep a lookout for Korona Textile products, as well as Cork, and a few other surprises.

Mramorový pořadač 5 cm


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